Taming Wildcats (Instructional DVD)


A wildcat cartridge is a cartridge that is not commercially loaded by a major ammunition manufacturer, but could be loaded by a specialty or contract reloader.

Taming Wildcats: How To Design & Fabricate Custom Cartridges. Is one of AGI’s courses, taught by custom gunsmith Fred Zeglin, renowned cartridge designer and builder of the well-known Hawk series of cartridges, will get the viewer on the road to a thorough understanding of Wildcats and Wildcatting. Great material for any gunsmith or do-it yourself-er who want to make the tools themselves.

One doesn’t need to be a master machinist or tool and die maker to be able to turn out the blank resizing / forming / chamber reamers on the lathe; a tool post grinder is not needed. A bench grinder with a good fine grinding wheel and some practice will, with Zeglin’s expert and easy to follow guidance, will enable the viewer to turn out reamers that will equal anything one can buy! Talk about self reliance.

This video is a valuable addition to your library if you want to know how to design and build custom cartridges, reamers and reloading dies. It provides detailed explanations and demonstrations.

This DVD includes:

Introduction to Wildcat and Wildcatting
The Five Design Steps
Canon Reamers
Resizing Die Reamers
Making a Reamer
Heat Treating a Reamer
Relief Grinding
Sharpening a Reamer
Forming the Brass
Making a Chamber Reamer
Using the Reamer
BONUS – Pages of information on resource material, tools, lubes and more!


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