Chambering Rifles for Accuracy

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Fred Zeglin custom gunmaker, along with Gordy Gritters well-known Bench Rest gunsmith, wrote this definitive work detailing the processes required to extract all the accuracy possible from a rifle barrel. As a Gunsmithing instructor Zeglin found there is a lack of focused teaching material on the subject of gunsmithing.  Each book in the series is focused on one narrow subject in gunsmithing.  Written with an audience in mind who want to know every detail of the how and why of gunsmithing.   These books are ideal for instructing classes on the subject of gunsmithing.

Installation of rifle barrels is a subject that is often seen as mysterious to the gunsmithing customer.  Gritters and Zeglin explain every facet of the subject in a complete and technical way that allows any reader to fully grasp the intent and meaning.  Clear photos and diagrams aid in the explanation of complicated processes.  123 Pages.  Printed in the USA



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