Cartridges of the World, 16th Edition

The 16th edition of Frank Barnes’ tome, “Cartridges of the World” contains many new articles and of course many cartridges that have never been reported on in the must have Reference Book for every gun lover, reloader, wildcatter and history buff.

Fred Zeglin wrote a new article telling of the “P.O. Ackley’s Best Improved Cartridges”.  The article approaches the question from several angles.  These days we see Internet debates all the time about which cartridge is best, this piece will certainly add fodder for those discussions.

Fred’s approach is to offer new information and share both tools and methods that work in the real world. He touches on reloading problems and explains how headspace and reloading are tied together.  Pick up a copy of the 16th Edition soon, there are many hours of entertainment in this book.

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